Splinterlands - The Challenge In Beginning Of Seasons?

The first couple of days in a new season has always been a hurdle for me. This is because players rankings reset that result in a lot being in the wrong league once a new season begins. What I mean by wrong is in they are much higher than where they are supposedly at the beginning of the season.

In The Past

The seasons were quite easy to go from silver to champion league. This had to due with no collection power was considered so players who knew how to use specific cards to reach to highest league of Champion was very feasible. Splinterlands decided to make updates that included limitation of a player's league by requiring higher collection power per league and the split between Modern and Wild format.

In addition every season a reset in leagues was to force players to feel they are making progress each week with the gradual play leading to rise in rankings. The drop in rankings essentially meant players fall below to specific leagues at the beginning of the season.

The Results?

With players out of their specific leagues at the beginning of the season often it is difficult to win battles because there are mismatch between real good players versus players who barely have any cards to play with. I of course don't fit the latter, but I do not fare that well either even after all these years of accumulating cards and experience.

In fact not only do I do poorly in game play for the first few days of the season it is also true that my rental income drops dramatically in the first week of the season. I believe this is due mainly because players realize they don't have enough cards to find it meaningful to rent out additional cards to play. Instead they sit out of the game for the first week to await to play down the road with less cost to rent for remainder of the season.

My rental income fell to a meager 900 DEC a day where it would peak to as much as 3400 DEC a day near the end of the season.

Another reason for the low rental income is just people likely were excessive in their game play during end of season and now need days to recharge their SPS capture rate. With that the SPS rewards pool during the beginning of the season is lower than a typical day. It becomes a negative feed back loop. At the start of the season there is low rewards which in turn makes people unwilling to rent cards at a premium which in turn yields less income for leasers and then leasers spend less.

I should not be complaining as I have a better off than most players considering where I stand with my collection, but I face this every season and I have not figured out a way to work around it.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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