Splinterlands - The 1 DEC or 1 Credit Fee...

For those who have read the latest update regarding introduction of a fee, link here:


I discuss my take on it considering this effects me and I think a lot of other players too. Whether it will be good or bad not sure yet but its something we need to think and plan around as it will come to fruition in a week.

Network Activities Slowdown

The introduction of a 1 DEC fee for post any card for rental and sale is mainly to limit traffic of transactions in the game. Apparently the there are too many transactions creating a lags but putting in a fee the team hopes to detour some transactions from occurring.

My Rental Thoughts

With a fee of 1 DEC to every rental posted I would at minimum need to spend 500 DEC to post my current amount of rentals that are on the market. My daily intake of DEC is a meager 900 DEC. I may have to consolidate on what I can rent out to reduce the fees.

In addition after 30 days the card will need a renew fee of 1 DEC to be able to be rented out again. On the other hand once the rental card is rented the 30 day countdown resets. So at least if I have place the rental card prices low enough to rent it will always get rented. Then again I don't want to rent at too low of a price like the minimum 0.1 DEC or it will take almost two weeks of rental to make up for the transaction fee cost.

How It Effects Current Cards

To my understanding the current cards in open market and rentals remain as is but after March 7th all the new cards placed in the markets are to have the fee attached. This may cause a boom in activity before the update. If so it would be interesting to see if we will see card prices be lower since more cards may be on the market.

DEC Burn

The DEC fee Splinterlands collects will be burned. This will lower the supply of DEC even further and as of now the 30day change has been to the downside. It makes me wonder how quickly DEC can get to parity value rather than if it can. Amazing...

A Fee in a Fee less Transaction

As one of the best features Hive chain has to offer its its potential fee less transactions. Of course nothing is really for free and in this situation the team is trying to balance out cost in servers meanwhile maintaining an active community. On first glance I do support the new fees. In time we will know how this plays out and I believe the team is leading us into a brighter future.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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