Splinterlands - Still a Hidden Gem?


If it is not so obvious Splinterlands is rank near the top of dapps in recent weeks. It has been mention by various dapp ranking sites and also twitted out by official Splinterland's twitter handle:


Splinterlands is in striking distance of having the most active users based on Blockchain Founders Fund. The game is ranked first in activity in dappradar.com. The list goes on. Yet there is something about the game that has yet to pick up steam and in a way make it stand out even more. That is its assets have not magnified to the numbers such as Axie.


(Reference from a Reddit post here.

For those who are very familiar with Axie they would know that hundred of millions of wealth is being exchanged on a daily basis. The in game token AXP is currently traded on multiple crypto exchanges.


While Splinterlands in game tokens such as DEC and SPS has yet to be offer in similar platforms. For instance DEC:


With a combine total of less than $1 million in token value traded on a daily basis. Only fractions of what AXP liquidity is. SPS does not fair any better compared to AXP. So the key takeaway here is if the in game tokens of Splinterlands are acceptable to be traded on the exchanges it would allow Splinterlands to gain even more attention and likely more bids for its assets.

On boarding on Splinterlands continue to grow and daily active users in game it has made the game rise in awareness. Now is when there are enough active players involved that some how the top exchanges would be asking Splinterlands' permission to trade its cryptos. That way it deems there is significant demand for Splinterlands tokens to be traded and worth its weight in gold.


During the last AMA meeting founder aggroed was describing how Splinterlands' popularity should be the ignition toward having exchanges list DEC and SPS as tradable. The demand continues to go by the day and it is now if the Splinterlands tokens would be tradable but when.


Often exchanges are willing to list coins that are very popular in demand and use. Splinterlands has now on boarded over 400,000 accounts. Plenty of players to have enough to speak out and vote for the tokens listing that it is inevitable the coins will rise in value.

DEC rising will definitely effect the prices of card assets. I say this because all official transactions in game are converted and used in DEC tokens. In addition all card assets have a fixed default worth of DEC if the card was to be destroyed. So as a whole if DEC rises in price it will bring up the value of the Splinterlands cards.

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