Splinterlands - Soulbound Collection Power

There has been rumors that Splinterlands have plans to do away with collection power, but before than it is the only number that equates to what minimum value are for given reward cards. That is collection power is 1 to 1 with DEC burn rate. I am curious then as to what the current Soulbound cards' DEC burn rate?

5 CP20 CP100 CP1,000 CP

In similar CP as Chaos cards it seems viable to say the Soulbound cards at minimum is worth that of Chaos cards' minimum. In addition I found Matt's document stating plan is the Soulbound reward cards can only be burned when they are at max level. This gives players incentive to level up the cards.

These cards should NOT be able to be burned for DEC unless the player already has a max level version of that card in their collection. This allows players who max out their cards to still benefit from earning more as rewards.

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Max DEC?

Assume best case the Soulbound reward cards continue getting maxed by multiple players this could potentially mean a lot of DEC can be created through burning. I wonder if this actually got implemented because it would mean more likely than not bots can again roam the game and continuously snatch reward cards until they save enough for max level and burn it for DEC. Then the DEC can be transferred out. Of course this process will take time and bot owners will have less profit taking since they are burning the max level reward cards for face value DEC.


It has not been too long since the new reward cards roll out and I have now accumulated a little over 500 CP. I mainly play in silver league but remain to see myself pulling multiple cards in one chest. On the flip side I have as high rarity as a couple of epic cards. I do hope to pull a legendary soon.

I will be very curious when someone max levels their Soulbound cards if they in fact are willing to burn the cards in order to reap on the rewards now versus holding on for future potential sale? As of now base on Splintercard.com's printing and distribution of Soulbound cards there remains to be any cards being burned while we are very close to 1 million Soulbound cards rewarded.

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