Splinterlands - Soon Arrival Of DECB

Many are anticipating on the introduction of buying DEC batteries and current going rates appear to be better than the swapping rates.

1 Voucher will get us 200 DECB when the swap begins in Feb. 8. While 160 DEC gets us 200 DECB, which makes 1 Voucher equal to 160 DEC. Current swaps has 1 Voucher closer to 131 DEC. Now of course we have to take into consideration DECB will have specific use and can't be swapped back to DEC or Voucher.


There will be a 2 billion DECB cap when the swap is activated on Feb. 8. The potential of swapping 500 million DEC to DECB is what some are hoping thereby pulling away the big supply of DEC and get DEC closer to par value. On the other hand since DECB can be swapped with Voucher there is also the potential of taking away some Voucher and DEC combination making both token's overall supply less and hopefully increase in prices.


The introduction of DEC batteries came from a proposal that majority of Splinterlands players' with highest voting power. There is enough support for this new token to work within the game.

The actually full uses of DEC batteries remains unknown but it is clear that holding them gives 20% in purchasing value relative to DEC. Rumor uses of DEC batteries includes the introduction of land expansion, guild building upgrades, and future unlocking Soulbound cards. In any of these cases we all look forward to what DEC batteries can bring.

A final note to know is that once the DECB of 2 billion is swap that will end until another proposal arrives. Maybe there will be proposals to voting what DECB can come to play. We will have to see.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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