Splinterlands (SL) - My Crypto Networth, Revolving Around SL


Yesterday I talked about hitting a big milestone for myself in Splinterlands with 1 million collection points. Today I decided to look a little deeper into my overall crypto net worth since I have a majority in Splinterlands. With record milestone in points I wonder how the $ cost staked up relatively speaking.

Column 1Column 2
SPS Staked$10272
SL Cards$63262
SL Other Assets$2400
2nd Hive Tokens$1781
Other Games$800

80% of my Net Worth is Splinterlands Assets

Chart breakdown of my assets relative to $USD is proof that majority of my assets are related to Splinterlands. This should not come to a surprise as I have played the game for several years and majority of my hive blog posts are related to Splinterlands.

Yet I have been trying to diversify my investments beyond Splinterlands mainly for two reasons.

  1. I am trying to avoid putting all eggs in one basket. I am very hopeful that Splinterlands will shine brightly in the future and asset prices will continue to appreciate. However in case it does not I would want to invest in more than just Splinterlands. For I have used hive blogging also for years in conjunction with playing Splinterlands daily. Therefore investing in Hive Power and HBD is my second top holding.

  2. Have liquidity for future Splinterlands or other in game purchases. The rewards I earn through staking Hive Power helps me in earning liquidity that can be used to trade for Splinter cards or other type of game assets. The liquidity only exists if I invest in liquid assets such as Hive and HBD. Although Splinterlands have liquid assets in DEC and SPS I want to have an asset that is more separate from the game itself so that it falls into my first reason of diversification. While also having the currency to trade for items when I need.

Splinterlands Cards


A majority of my net worth can be further broken down into one specific category within Splinterlands. That category are trading cards. Picture above is the market cap of the entire collection of cards currently in existence. Although not at an all time high it is at $188 million. Having a small portion of that total is where I stand. The $63k and change is based off of Peakmonster's estimate:


SPS Staked and SL Other Assets


My total SPS staked is also all my total amount of SPS owned. Almost three months of collecting and staking my SPS has turned out to be quite rewarding with an additional +$10k since.

For SL Other Assets its mainly booster packs I have yet to open, card skins, and land plots. Back when land plots first came out totems where also selling at reasonable prices. I regret not purchasing any totems as that is another Splinterlands asset that simply soared in price just like land. I have 9 packs of Untamed, 3 packs of Dice, and 5 land plots in this category. I ball park an estimate that these items in total including card skins is worth approximately $2400.



This number is from ecency.com's estimate of my hive wallet total assets. I have almost 20k hp in total and a slightly higher amount than 600 hbd in savings. Both these tokens I can earn passive income on. For instance I apply hive.vote to use my 20k hp to earn more. While I placed all my hbd earnings in savings to get approximately 10% annual APR.

2nd Hive Tokens


Snap shot from Leodex.io is my current total amount in $USD and Hive equivalent. Most of my 2nd Hive tokens are SIM and Risingstars. I also have small amount of investment tokens such as Dhedge, Index, and Utopius. I also have staked tokens such as SPT, Neoxag, and Vibes.

Other Games - Rising Stars, Exode

It should come as no surprise that I also play daily Rising Stars. Just reading my blog posts daily you can figure out that I mainly play SL and Rising Stars. I ball park my Rising Star collection somewhat low as this is a conservative estimate.

I also have a small collection of Exode cards but I do not play the game daily nor would I wish to do so in the future. Instead I am only holding the cards because I have not done enough research to figure out best way to selling them and at what prices?

For the debt category I had recently borrowed some DEC and I have some time to pay it back. Until then the debt amount cancels some of my overall total assets.


I have a lot of $ value within Splinterlands. There are its pros and cons to this but I prefer to lean more pros. This is because if it were not for the SL cards themselves I would not have seen this much gain in my overall net worth. Go Splinterlands!

For future outlook I intend to continue to diversify while also accumulating more assets that is outside SL. A slow rise of 25% of my overall net worth in HP/HBD would be a target goal to aim for.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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