Splinterlands - Reward Card Prices Dropping?

With DEC price on the rise there maybe opportunities to snag cards at lower DEC prices. As of now there are a handful of cards that are close to 2 times their DEC burn rate. This has not happen since Soulbound cards got introduced. It seems prices of cards are falling.

Interestingly a full rewards Chaos Legion max level regular foil is just above $310. Take into consideration that the cards are no longer in print and that in total it is worth over 105k of collection power. It all seems like the best bang for DEC to buy if one wants to be buying now.

For those curious the same set of cards at max level and gold foil it would cost over $2,600. It may look expensive but compare to Untamed rewards at max level and only regular it would cost about the same but with less collection power!

Of course we can not compare the sets based on price and collection power alone.

Example of a Countess Sinash based on price per BCX it has been steadily declining. Yet prices still a lot higher, almost twice as high, as its all time lows.

Trend is Our Friend

There is an old saying, "do not fight the trend." It seems reward cards that are available to purchase is actually steadily declining in price. I take this as a positive since it means it we spend less DEC to own the cards we want.

Tips To Saving For Card Purchases

My strategy after many years of playing the game is to save my daily rewards and once I accumulated enough to make a decent size purchase I go ahead and build up my deck with bulk purchase. I tend to save close to $500 or if I see a really good deal. This could take up to 6 months to accumulate. This is why I often do not add a lot of cards to my collection but when I do I have many new cards.

One other tip for getting good purchases on cards is to buy cards through third party sites such as monstermarket.io or Card Auctionz as they offer cash back for any card purchases.

Another good tip is to realize when you make purchases of reward cards you can buy multiple and rent them out for passive income. Out of all the rewards series that have been printed it is the most recent Chaos Rewards did I have multiple max level cards and rented them out to earn passive income.

I remember late last year when reward cards were way under 1.5 times the DEC burn value and I snagged a few max level cards. At the time I knew if I had just rented out the cards for a few months on a daily basis I would have broke even on DEC value. Any further rentals were additional income I would earn without having to play the game. Me saving DEC will allow me to reinvest into the game by purchasing more reward cards and then renting those out too. You see how quickly this becomes a snowball investment.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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