Splinterlands - Proposal #8 and #9 Air Drops Investing

A lot is going on with Splinterlands right now and I would like to at the active daily airdrops for hloding Tower Defense (TD) packs and land plots.

Proposals #8 and #9

Both proposals passed and that has lead to holders of either TD packs or land plots to earn daily SPS. As of now I currently hold 5 plots and zero TD packs.

Each land plot appears to be yielding me around 1.4 SPS a day which equates to around $0.07. The SPS per plot airdrop will likely remain the same as there is a fixed amount of plots indefinitely.

For TD packs it is a bit more complex since not all packs are sold. Further details link here with regards to SPS daily airdrop for holding TD.

Currently there is nearly 300k packs sold and since 1 million SPS airdrop per a month. If not many more packs come to circulation the SPS distribution airdrop appears to be a really good incentive.

With that being said I decided to invest a little into some TD packs to see how much SPS daily airdrop I could potentially recieve and report back at a later post.

My In Game Progress

On a side note I have moved into gold league due mainly getting bored of playing against mostly level 1 deck cards in silver. This is not to bash silver league in any way and in fact I was unable to stay in top 100 for long.

With the new card additions I will have opportunity to play toward higher level of my cards rather than having them capped at silver.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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