Splinterlands - Present Card Usage

Using Splintermate's top used cards and focusing on Gold league the top10 cards most used are:

  1. Kelya Frendul
  2. Tarsa
  3. Furious Chicken
  4. Obsidian
  5. Thaddius Brood
  6. Uraeus
  7. Tenyii Striker
  8. Deeplurker
  9. Goblin Psychic
  10. Regal Pryton

My Lacking of Top 10

Out of the 10 cards I have 5 out of 10 at max level, but 4 out of the 10 that are monsters I do not have cards at max level. In fact if I did use the following monsters they would be at level one: Tenyill Striker, Goblin Psychic, and Regal Pryton.

I play with Obsidian a lot now since I have it at max level so it would be wise to get higher level Goblin Psychic and Regal Pryton, which I am planning to add into my collection but priority now is saving for a max level Kelya Frendul. The summoner would round out my max level rare Chaos set.

Speaking of summoners not a surprise four out of five are most used in the Gold league originate from Chaos series. Again to emphasize with me not having a Kelya Frendul I feel I will be struggling in the league for quite some time.

Top Used Cards Not Set In Stone

For me without having Kelya Frendul I have Alric Stormbringer as my most commonly used water summoner. Meanwhile for fire and earth I do use Tarsa and Obsidian respectively. I have not been able to hold in top 1k in rank within Gold league which I attribute to using a lot of the top 10 cards.

However at the same time not having a lot of the cards in max level has me believe I am doing fine even without owning all top used cards.

What is very interesting to me is that besides the summoners not one of the top 10 cards are over $1 per bcx. Even the sole epic on this list is a rewards card in Uraeus which is closer to $0.10 per bcx than $1. This means if I really wanted to add top used cards its not going to burn my wallet by too much.

Overview of My Card Usage

I currently have 402 cards at my disposal for playing rank battles. Out of that around 250 of them are single bcx commons therefore I will take time out of consideration of use. Then that means I have about 152 cards that are actually selected for battles.

Out of that 73 of those cards I did not use for the day. That means in all I only play with around 70ish cards a day. This is a surprise to me to figure out since I have such a large collection of cards it still just means I only tap a portion of the over collection of cards.


It is interesting to see from Splintermate the top used cards per league. With that carrying over as to how many cards I actually own from the top used cards and what stands out the most is my staggeringly low usage of quantities of cards. It seems that my top usage of cards is far wider than what the general consensus has been using.

I consider two reasons as to why this is happening. First I have been playing the game a lot longer than other players hence I have a lot more legacy cards than majority of players in Gold league. My most used cards likely are alphas / betas.

The other reason is that I simply do not follow public trend as to same use of cards in battle. If I were to say my experience in Gold league is lack luster at best. My choice of cards to use in battle likely is attributed by my own experiences. Although I have a lot more room for improvement in ranking I would say that my current ranking is attributed by the way I play the game. I play the game a little bit different than the general public when selecting most common cards to play.

With that it does not mean what we see as top used cards means we will need to own / rent those cards specifically to win more battles. In fact it is only a guide as to what is most commonly used and that will help us predict our opponent's formation.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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