Splinterlands - Player's Total $ Value

My post from yesterday briefly covered the latest card addition to my collection. What I was not anticipating was how quickly multiple bcx cards through all series would gone from the market pretty much overnight! Chart above shows the pump in volume $USD spent on Oct. 21, which was second highest point for the most recent month.

I have been hoping to save some more $ by waiting to see if the card prices would fall further but instead now I am out of good deals to purchase. I will now have to wait for the next sale whenever it comes.

Player's Deck Net worth

Straight from Splinterlands there are currently a total of under 3% of players owning more than $1k in cards. This is kind of surprising to me considering there are over 100k active accounts but that maybe because a good portion of them are bot accounts.

In addition we do not know how many players are renting a significant amount of cards that would make the amount of accounts card net worth not as bad when it comes to cards distributions. Furthermore as we all know latest series of cards value are much lower than older versions therefore can easily distort the net worth of players. For instance a Chaos set is worth under $5k while an Untamed is at an earth shattering $30k.

For me I am currently sitting in the top 1% of players in cards net worth even though I don't feel rich lol.

Adjust Rewards Proposal #10

The bigger question is how will the latest proposal effect the game since majority of the cards are own by few players. Again this is not a full picture of the concern as there are some top holders renting out cards. In addition not all cards are equal in value and majority of players hold Chaos cards which is the lowest in cost compared to all series, besides rewards cards.

The reality is we do not know how this proposal will effect players and their future reward gains. On the other hand we can have an educated guess with current numbers that not many will be reaping in the rewards as multiple bcx cards becomes the norm. We just have to wait and see.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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