Splinterlands - Overlooked Rewards Cards


As new rules are rolling out requiring players to purchase more cards it has come to mine that some cards that are still somewhat plentiful are being overlooked. When I mean plentiful I am saying at least 100 of that type of regular card is still on sale in the markets. Compare with Chaos series quantities it is unmatched, where Chaos has 1,000s per each type of card, but the card prices on some of these are still reasonable.

Past Reward Cards

There are some past reward cards that I often use in formations and today we look at a few of them and why I use them. Now this is just my opinion and as a player of gold league it may differ from other leagues, but in general still a good read through for those who have not really paid attention to older reward cards.

Captain Ghost


This rewards card came around the Untamed era and is one that I used often when having summoner Alric Stormbringer. At 7 mana it may appear to be heavy in cost but it is well worth the price. At max level it has magic attack at 4 but even at default base it already is 2. The speed is lacking but its a magic monster so can be set at anywhere in the formation. On top it is great for reverse speed rule set.

In addition Captain's Ghost is a good addition to the group of water magic monsters. We just do not see that many magic monsters priced under $1 per bcx. Although this may not be so for Ghost very soon as its on the cusp of hovering around the $1 mark.


Considering Nerissa Tridawn base level under $2 in combo with rewards magic monsters in Sea Genie and Captain's Ghost this in itself is a pretty good set of magic monsters. Next time you think water magic monsters are too expensive look over for the reward cards to see if there are options.

Fineas Rage


Over on fire splinter another reward rare card to look at is Fineas Rage. The 7 mana monster again may look costly in battle use but the stats for base level are attractive. With a melee of 2 but speed at 5 and health at 8 this monster is a pretty good choice for second position. Of course in second position because it has the reach ability.


By comparison of other reach fire splinter monsters you can see at base level how good Fineas Rage is stats wise. Furthermore high mana matches it takes the advantage of being one of the faster monsters to be able to attack first. Max level Fineas gets a very attractive 4 melee attack and with the stats raised are two added abilities in Oppress and Retaliate.

The fire splinter is focus on melee monsters as it has around 27 to choose from. There are a lot of combos to create with melee but for fire it is clearly the favored attack. We can see it by the options of summoners, where 3 out of 7 have melee boost.


Fineas Rage being a rare makes again a reasonably priced monster to own. Again with reach attack and decent stats at base level a 1 bcx is under $2 compare to other reach attack monsters it maybe more cost but not by much. The stats is where Fineas stands out. Not many monsters have a speed of 5 by default.



One of the oldest reward cards in the game is a neutral rare called Hobgoblin. The price currently is slightly over $1 and would be wise for investors or long term players to purchase. A versatile monster as it can be used with any splinter, its double strike makes it one of the rare ones.

Do not over look double strike as it has potential of knocking out two monsters as the ability technically allows two hits and the first hit can knock out an opponent. At max level it has a melee of 3 but imagine boosting it with a summoner that has +1 melee?


There are only 9 monsters with double strike and Hobgoblin is the only one that is a neutral card to date. Just compare it with prices the base 1 bcx price is still multiple times less than many of the other double strike cards.


After reading my opinion of what reward cards I think people are overlooking you maybe able to see a trend. First the stats of these cards I picked are either higher than average or simply unique in the likes of Hobgoblin. On top of all that the cards are affordable relative to many other cards!

The next time you are trying to focus on building a collection of cards look no further than the older series reward cards. There are plenty to go through and the price for them relatively lower than booster pack cards, but they can have similar abilities and stats.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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