Splinterlands - Never Late To Buy or Start Playing Game.


Do you still hesitate to play Splinterlands? Or you feel that current prices of cards are too expensive to invest in? Either of these questions hopefully can be answered in today's post. If not then its not my fault for not being able to lure you into the game. It is hardly anyone's fault.

Initial Cost To Earn?


It comes down to $10 USD for someone to be able to start earning real assets in Splinterlands. That is the amount to purchase a spell book which unlocks player's access to playing rank battles and tournaments battles. Winning in these battles earn players DEC and other rewards such as potions, reward cards, and credits. Credits are earned in Bronze III and lower rankings.

Basically with a spellbook the player will start off with level 1 cards in the latest two series sets of cards. Currently it is beta and untamed series, but down the road when chaos legions arrives that will make it chaos legions and untamed level 1 cards access for spellbook ownership. With the level 1 cards players can partake in battles to earn DEC and rewards.

In the future when there are sufficient on board of players the price of the spellbook may rise. This has not be set in stone but is a potential cost to consider for those who have yet to start the game. Like the old saying goes everyone has to start somewhere and all players who are currently playing had to have bought the spell book in order to proceed. Spend the $10 USD now for a spellbook before prices rises is a wise investment.

Splinterlands Developers Wants More Buying

For those who have followed Splinterlands and recently listened on the latest AMA by its founders there was a message repeated several times during the AMA. The message was in order to play Splinterlands to succeed in earning more and have a fun gamer experience they are required to spend to acquire assets. The message was spoken on the back of the developers trying to implement tactics to slow down and mitigate players from farming reward cards and DEC earnings. This way the assets in the game remain of value instead of being taken by a few players who are having multiple low level accounts to farm assets.

That somewhat took me by surprise as when I first played this game a few years back I did not spend any fiat in order to start nor accumulate the cards that I currently own. Yet nowadays the same cards I had accumulated some are worth more than 100x what I paid for. There then lies the concern that if card prices rise too fair players who wish to start playing or building their deck may struggle to get it done. However currently there is a way to still build a competitive deck without having to go broke and still have a fun gamer experience.

Reward Cards


The focus on best chance to buy cheap cards will likely have to be Reward Cards. The main reason for this is their release is often and are distributed among all active players. The top players would earn the most reward cards while the amount of cards reduces as ranks are lower. In short reward cards are distributed daily to most active players. Not all players will be willing to hold the cards and some get sold. With supply increasing on a daily basis due to the reward cards being distributed daily the price of the cards are lower than older cards.

From a range of rarity reward cards the latest reward cards will likely cost the least compared to all other cards in circulation. The latest reward cards tend to have more supply coming into circulation and some players who own them through rewards may prefer to sell them overall making supply of the cards high. This in turn allows players like myself to steadily purchase one card at a time over the course of weeks and months thereby owning enough to rise level of the card. In summary this is a great way for long term growth of a player's assets in game.

Buy Now And Expect It To Go Higher Later

This subparagraph title may seem a bit like a fomo but its the reality Splinterlands is in. Since the game's inception any card that was first introduced and sold the price of the cards have risen. Even to this day the cards prices continue to rise and market cap of all cards are currently at all time highs. Which means all players that have bought prior to this price appreciation has made a nominal gain.


Take for instance the Cube which is a rewards card has been out of prints for months. The value of the card while it was in circulation and being rewarded to players had it way under a dollar. As of now a single bcx card in the open market is worth more than $3. Quite a appreciation for a card.

There are plenty of other examples of out of print reward cards have price value risen to the point that any previous buyer of the card would be in a profit now. This goes back to what I said earlier that purchasing latest reward cards may seem ineffective now because they appear to be low in value compare to older cards. Yet the new reward cards when they do become out of print will only increase its price.


The initial buy in to play the game is a low cost of $10 USD. From there players that spend more to purchase Splinterlands assets will earn more and have a better gamer experience.

To build one's collection focus on the newest reward cards as they will be the best bang for the buck. With better and stronger reward cards the chances of rising in the ranks. That in turn will lead to more earnings. Who would not want that?

The earnings can be reinvested into the game in other cards thereby accelerating the growth of one's account I am a prefect example of what would happen if a player reinvested their earnings back into Splinterlands. I basically added more cards and leveled up the ones I generally use a lot.

All these steps can still be mimicked on this day even though game developers are trying to limit earnings. It may likely take longer to earn the same amount of cards I started with a long time ago. Have faith in playing if you have not started as current in game market cap prices is a confirmation that if you buy now you will have probability in your favor that the cards bought now will rise in price in the future.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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