Splinterlands - My Typical Day Playing and Earning


In this post I would like to do a quick overview of my daily battles and what how much I earn. Also talk about other things I do besides battling on a daily basis. The goal of this post is to keep track of how much I can potentially earn per a day and show others how much time I spend on Splinterlands. Hope you enjoy ;)

Daily Battles

As many players who are aware the ECR or better known as Energy Capture Rate is maxed at 100% and drained 1% after each better. Furthermore to best effectively earn in the game is to play at most 20 matches a day since ECR recovers about 20% of the bar in a day. 100% down to 80% is the my daily objective when I play everyday.

For today since I started out already at a low 91% ECR rate I played 19 battles and it came out to be 10W and 9L. Barely a 50% win rate which is usually my daily average. Some days a little worse but other days a little better.


I am playing with a little under 190k collection power and in Gold II League. Most of the season I reside in Silver League however near the end of the final week of the season I tend to move up and stay in the Gold League. Here I technically win more DEC per a battle but I lose more often than in Silver League.

Battle WinECR RateDEC Won

For a total of 397.09 DEC earn today. This I consider a great day of earnings. I typically get around 200 DEC daily earned and in Silver even less. It may likely have to do with current DEC reward pool is high hence each win is earning more DEC. Either way I will take what I can get.

With a death daily quest and completion of it at Gold II I earn seven reward chests.


Rewards totaling around 23 DEC in mix of cards & DEC and 2 potions.

Daily Routine Around Splinterlands

One of the first thing I do daily is check my rentals on peakmonsters. Earlier I had mention I play a deck close to 190k in collection points. For loyal and dedicated followers are aware I had recently passed 1 million collection points. Where did the other +800k of points went? I am renting them out and every day I look over what I have that appears to expire and what I want to cancel to either raise or drop rental prices.


Due to the near end of season rental prices tend to rise. This is because many players who have reached a certain league wish to remain or exceed the league rankings in order to earn more season reward chests. The players tend to spend more DEC to rent out cards with enough CP to carry them through end of seasons. This is happening due to lack of cards in circulation and the ones that are in circulation being very expensive to own but financially manageable if rented.

I would spend hours through out the day to look and adjust rentals in order to earn more DEC daily. This effort I put in makes the rental feel more like an active investment rather than passive. This past season I have adjusted less and try to hit a sweet spot in rental prices so that I find a respectable median to earn while knowing most of my cards would be rented out almost everyday.

Around mid day I also collect my air drop of SPS as that is on going for a year. Once I collect my SPS I quickly staked them. I do this as soon as I can on most days but some days I just don't have access to internet at certain times and I don't get to collect air drop and stake until late in the evenings.

Activities Outside Splinterlands But Related


For about a couple of hours near the end of the day before I go to bed I write about Splinterlands on Splintertalk.io. I love the tribe and the upvote earnings I get when I post anything and everything related with Splinterlands. The tribe has its own token called SPT which by holding earns me some air drop SPS daily.


Furthermore I am on Discord actively watching and waiting for when there are card deals. In addition on Element to be chatting with my good friends of the neoxian guild and neoxiancity. I am actively in the chat rooms on a consistence basis. When I mean consistence I mean from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed I am reading and writing messages in the chat rooms. Some times its related to Splinterlands other times we talk about personal stuff.


You now know what I do on a daily basis when it comes to just Splinterlands. I also have some time put in for Rising Stars. While playing and earning I still work a full time job and have family responsibilities. All together I earn about 4500 DEC on a daily basis. 4.1k from rentals and 400 through battles and chest rewards.

In the end Splinterlands is my main hobby and now a significant portion of my net worth. I mentioned my total assets in yesterday's post here and about journey to 1 million collection points here. I love Splinterlands and will be playing it for many years to come.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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