Splinterlands - My Target of 1,000,000 CP Finally Met!


For over two years of playing I have not once came over the mark of 1,000,000 collector points. Collector points is basically the DEC burn rate of one's card collection. For me I have gradually increased my collection on a daily basis since I started playing, however slow down late of last year and basically stalled out since beginning of the year. Card prices have been extremely high due to the Splinterland boom and it has been relentless. Its good where my collection overall value has move over 10x, however bad in that if I had to purchase cards today it will be much more expensive at a rate of more than 10x lol. Anyways the price increase has been my main reason to be unable to add to my card collection. This in turn has forced me to stay below the 1 million point mark for months if not a year.

DEC Pumping Lured Me To Buy


Today DEC price is close to $0.015 each making card prices technically less in DEC value. So I went and took a decent size loan to obtain a max level card I have always wanted to have. Drum roll....


For approximately 55k DEC I purchased a max Lord Arianthus which is only worth 17.5k DEC burn rate. Basically 3.5x times the actual value of the card. I may have looked to have overpaid for the card but I had bought one at the same price about two months ago but that was a level 3 Lord Arianthus! I basically had a +50% discount in this purchase compared to two months ago. A max level takes 11 bcx while level 3 was only 5 bcx.

Anyways the real focus here is that I have finally reached 1 million collector points with the added purchase. Now my overall collection is close to $65k in market price with the new add today. I do not have max level summoners currently in use so I have decided to lease out my recently purchased card to slowly reduce my buy in cost on the card. We shall see if this was a smart trade or awful down the road.

Hype is Here To Stay

I was excited to see DEC price soaring making card purchases more reasonable compared to the amount of DEC to buy. While other Splinterland assets also continue to rise such as SPS and third party sale of card packs. Furthermore people are stashing away liquidity to be ready to partake in the upcoming Chaos Legion presale.


There is less than a week away and potential over bid for the packs continues to rise. The current bid on vouchers that a required to purchase pre-sale packs are already above 1 hive.


Note there is still almost a week before the pre-sale. I am in FOMO mode to such as many others who are ready for the pre-sale.

Again I am thrilled to have hit a new milestone of 1 million collector points but on to the next milestone...

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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