Splinterlands - My Latest Brawl Battles

Here is a quick review of my latest brawls.

Match 1

A quick defeat in less than three rounds as Unicorn's heal was too strong to penetrate.

Match 2

My water formation this time did the trick as I was able defeat my opponent in two rounds. I mainly focused on magic monsters and without rule sets it made it easier to attack directly at the health even with all the toughness.

Match 3

Without the use of water I did what could with life splinter. A mix of melee, range, and magic monsters I was able to get a win against a full earth magic team that started with Golem and ending with Earth Elemental. I basically went brute force with higher attacking stats and explosion ability to get through enemy line.

Match 4

Sometimes rule sets simply limit the formations we can use. This is one of those matches where we were limited to cards 4 manas and under while only magic attack allowed. I was fortunate to have enough life cards to sneak in a win here.

Match 5

Total annihilation for me on this match as my opponent went mainly melee and I had no defense to counter. In fact I went all out magic which made me easy prey.

Match 6

Tank heal was my downfall in this match up. I could not get through my opponent's tanker.


3 for 6 in the brawls that I could play. It was not my best outcome nor the worse. I will have to rethink through on how to setup matches when most of them nowadays are low mana count. I was playing in Fray 6 which meant only alpha and beta with a sprinkle of reward cards. Bottom line I don't think I have enough low mana cards to make an impact in matches, but will have to comb through and see what I can do better.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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