Splinterlands - My Gladius Cases Opening

Its been a couple of weeks since my last bulk opening of Gladius cases. Today I will do so again and see how much I can pull. In total I bought (8) cases which will yield 40 Gladius cards.

Splintercards Update

For those are unaware Splintercards.com now have a feature that shows how many BCX of each Gladius cards a player has earn. I like the tool as it gives a visual view of what I am missing from a full Gladius set.

In fact you can actually check any player in Splinterlands as long as you have their correct in game name and select "Check Gladius". I was amazed how some top players of the game in collection power had almost half of a full Gladius deck already.

My Case Openings

Without further a due my card pulls for this set of Gladius cases.

I pulled in multiple duplicates but the best rarity cards were 2 epic and 1 legendary. I could not get any gold foil out of the packs this time. Meanwhile two of legendary cards remain elusive to me as I have yet to pull any.

Interesting that I have four Larissa Kerato now and with a little luck I maybe able to get it to level 3 soon enough. A dragon with magic it will definitely appeal to magic formations.

I am still satisfy with my pulls and now preparing for the next guild battle that I will sign in in under 24 hours.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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