Splinterlands - My First Ever Soul Bound Golden Foil Legendary

I got a taste of glory in my last daily focus reward chests opening by pulling a legendary gold foil. Even better was that there were two gold foils in that chest.

With that I have a level 2 legendary gold foil and a rise to over 32k in collection power just with Soul Bound cards alone.

My Past Legendary Gold Foils

I had been playing for years and my very first legendary gold foil pulled was also in rewards way back when the game was still in Steem. Back then there was the transition for the game from Steem to Hive but prior to that I was very fortunate to pull a Spirit Miner. However I went and sold the card at 1.05 DEC burn rate in order to purchase other cards in hope to stay competitive back in the day.

I had planned to earn back enough to purchase back my very first gold foil legend but within months the game's assets went to the moon and any legendary gold foil turned into four digit or more in value. I essentially missed out on the gains by selling too early. I do not even remember what I bought for the exchange of the card.

Soul Bound Lockup

With my second ever legendary gold foil it will be held on to at the very least until Soul Bound lockup is over. Yet that will likely be a year out from now. In any case it will be awhile for me to holding on to this card than my first and hopefully I will never sell it LOL.

I forgotten the days of why I should play this game manually. It was well worth the games as I am so grateful to had pulled a legendary gold foil. I am now motivated to continue playing daily trying to put in the time needed. The daily blog posts are now every other day LOL.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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