Splinterlands - My EOS Rewards

How seasons end so quickly when you play for the daily rewards. I got plenty of cards just on the daily focus but how much did I get for end of season?

It has been a while since I pulled diamond rewards for end of season so to my surprise even with less chests to open it turned out to be more rewards in gold. I gathered a very good amount of soul bound cards even though old commons and epics.

What stood out were the two packs and a decent amount of merit.

My Season Stats

Although this season I was unable to end at diamonds it was nice to see that in gold I was able to rank close to top 500. I know have done better in ranking but this is still a respectable season. The downside is that my win to loss ratio was below one which is not ideal but I had a few rough days in the season that probably brought down the average.

I pulled in a respectable 225 SPS equivalent for the season in rank battle rewards.

My Rental Income

My rental income came in slightly higher from all time lows as it went above 30k DEC.

Looking Ahead

Knowing now where diamond rewards can earn me I wished I have closed out the seasons in higher leagues. In any case I have to play out this newest season in gold as that can no longer be changed.

I remain focused on trying to get in at least 25 matches a day and meanwhile up to date with the latest activities of the game. There has been a lot of news regarding land expansion and the game itself internally has added multiple features I have yet to really experiment myself. Look forward to another season with plenty to do in the Splinterland's ecosystem.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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