Splinterlands - My Daily Rewards At Gold League

One of the most rewarding thing about playing Splinterlands is actually accumulating the rewards, LOL. Everyday I try my best to get as many reward chests I can in hopes of pulling some of the best rewards possible. Here is a short post on my latest rewards.

My Soul Bound Collection

As of now I am missing 2 of the three rare summoners and not have any card above a level 3. I am aware that at highest league, Champion, players are able to gather many more cards and have amassed almost 10x what I have. It goes to show how rewarding it can be if someone is really good at their craft.

I fit in quite fine in gold league and will remain there for the foreseeable future as I do not have max level cards on some of the staples I use. Card prices are rising so there is a double edge sword here. I could invest more into cards but at higher prices I can only purchase lower level cards instead of max.

Reward Earnings

Here is my last seven days of rewards and as a normal player who plays my own matches it should be understandable that there are days I simply forget to play LOL.

So this is what I typically earn in a given week in gold I or gold II. There are not a lot of big wins for me. For instance a day with a Chaos pack alone is already a big day for me. The Soul Bound cards I am considering for now icing on the cake.

I am aware there are plenty more rewards to earn at higher league but as of now I am happy to stay at gold league. I am continuing my playable deck collection by transitioning out of passive investing and be more of an active investing.

My Game Plans

What I mean by active investing is that I am trying to sell cards I mainly rent out and use the proceeds to purchase cards that I know I will use in battles. That way I can be more competitive and hopefully yield more rewards. Meanwhile what I have accumulated in terms of SPS and DEC I am staking it into the SPS:DEC pool to slowly accumulate some SPS daily.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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