Splinterlands - My Daily Rants

To say I don't get tired of playing Splinterlands would be a lie. Yesterday my phone's battery was at its last legs so while recharging I thought I would take a power nap and then proceed on my daily 25 matches of Splinterlands. Instead I oversleep and here I am posting on how I performed in my last 24 hours.

I put in around 6 battles to accumulate 1 focus chest. It was not even worth it. Of course now rejuvenated with a night's sleep I proceeded to play another 15 rounds to get now what today running at 5 focus chest. Hopefully the rewards far better.

Rental Income Recovery

With less than a week left in the season and game activities increasing back to pre Soul Bound it has also increased the demand for rentals. I did not drop prices and instead let demand roll back in to take on more rental income. It is paying off as I am almost double what I take home daily today than a week ago.

Proposals Split Votes

There are some controversy going on with the latest proposals. It is split among voters on use of funds to get SPS onto big exchanges. No matter the outcome I feel its a great path for the game and ecosystem as we see how gamers have the opportunity to vote for what they want.

The proposal passing seems to have a positive effect on Splinterlands token values as both DEC and SPS are off their all time lows.

Actively searching for new cards to accumulate at bargain prices as I have now accumulated a small portion of DEC. I may finish off a full Chaos rare max level summoners as I am currently missing Keyla Frendul.

Meanwhile we saw the final air drop to Chaos and I must say its different from previous cards. Definitely eyeing on kids friendly kind of appearance compare to the usual Splinterlands illustrations.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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