Splinterlands - My Daily Rants

Less than 12 hours left until current season ends but like all other seasons there are many activities of Splinterlands beyond just the game.

Chaos packs sold out last week. Meanwhile new game changes are in the works such as energy bar is being replaced and details of Land V1.5 nearly arriving.

Final day of players pushing in ranks have allowed me to have decent rental earnings. Its the only day of this season I have seen my batch of rentals able to hit over 3k DEC daily earned. I wish all days were last day of the season LOL.

Splinterlands tokens are appreciating in price even while tokens like Hive remain volitale.

I will likely end the season near top 500 of the gold league which I consider as an achievement. I have not had a total of 71 end of season chests in a long while. This season is special.

I added a decent amount of Soul Bound cards. My lucky gold foil legends help trip my total amount of collection powers. I look forward to future seasons and building on my reward earnings.

For next season I hope to continue gaining traction in league rankings. Also hope to partake in more events as in the past I known it has been quite lucrative to partake in alpha theme events.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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