Splinterlands - My Daily Battles Overview

In about an hour I can put in around 20 - 25 battles a day depending on how long it takes for my opponents or I setting up formations. Often I take a little over two minutes to set a formation as it takes some planning and thinking on my part on what to play in battles. Today we look at some of my battles I just played.

The Losses

I prefer to talk about the bad before the good so that way I end the post on a positive note.

Sometimes I overthink with the rule sets and put myself in more of a disadvantage than I think. I mostly only noticed this after the battle is over LOL. In the snapshot above I was trying to use reflect to my advantage with using Life splinter that emphasize on defense. However it comes back to haunt me as my opponent goes with Water and emphasis on magic attacks.

First glance you would think this is a win for fire considering I used a decent summoner. Yet my choice of monsters could have been better as my formation really was low in health stats which for Equal opportunity rule set it just meant easier kills for my opponent.

Sometimes too much of something is not good and in this battle that was the case with my using magic against death. The melee pounding from death monsters were enough to annihilate my magic attacks.

The Wins

Sometimes I win not because I have the skills but because I invested more than my opponent. A perfect example is the match above where I was with decent level monsters while my opponent with a level 1 summoner limited them to level 1 monsters.

On the opposite end sometimes my opponent has these gold foil decks out in full swing but I am able to grab the win since I still have higher level cards. Main reason to go with regular foil in lieu of gold foil is the initial cost of investment. Having the higher level card it won't matter if its gold or regular foil.

Very few formations can get around magic but when it comes to high mana odds favor more toward neutralizing water magic. On the other hand if an opponent tries using anything magic except water it can become a challenge. In this battle I simply out duel my opponent with stronger magic monsters.

The Results

In 20 battles I went 9W and 11L. Not the best daily routine but close to a 1 ratio of wins to losses. I hope to play better tomorrow as sometimes not even an hour of play is enough.

I need to play better before each battle and specifically for low mana battles to focus more on getting cards at highest levels possible. The degree of difficulty to win when cards are not max level and low mana is just very difficult.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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