Splinterlands - My Account Review For August 2022

This August I did not purchase any individual cards therefore all my new cards were from opening reward chests. With that said I recommend those who have not used splintershare.info to look into it now. Below are my previous month results.

The snapshot is August 2022 total rewards for my account. I nearly got over $47 for that particular month. Looking back July 2022:

Note there is a big jump between July and August in my rewards earned. Curious to know if this was just a one off or consistently rising in rewards on a monthly basis.

In June I got more than July but less than August so with that said these earnings were random.

In May 2022 I had a drop in rewards compared to other months.

April 2022 rewards are at a low. It appears each month the rewards fluctuates and by a lot.

Splintershare.info goes back only as far as February 2022. With that majority of my end of month earnings from February to date has most hitting under $10 with only a few over that mark.

So full review I had a great August considering all other months on record. There is more to be added in terms of cards into my collection and look forward to getting them in the coming weeks. I have been procrastinating for months now but hopefully soon I will pull the trigger and grow my collection further.

Overall Collection

I have nearly 1.15 million in collection points but have remained within this range for almost the past six months or more. It is without a doubt frustrating but it is partly my own doing.

Rental cards earning is lackluster at best so I will be looking at ways to jump boost my earnings for upcoming month. One idea I have is to take back some of my rental cards so I have a more competitive deck. Another not as ideal thought is to consolidate my collection to only card I need to stay competitive and use the proceeds to build my chaos and untamed series.

Either way like any other month I stay positive and look forward to what there is to offer for the present month. There is the new distribution of SPS rewards in lieu of DEC. In addition upcoming upgrades in games for the franchise. I am definitely excited for the days ahead.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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