Splinterlands - Liquidity Pools Activities

On the Hive secondary token market there are some interesting stats to see. Out of the top five liquidity pools currently active four out of five have at least one token related to Splinterlands. Only the Hive and HBD pair takes up the non-Splinterlands top five pools. The other pools have either DEC, SPS, or Vouchers.

Even top 10 individual tokens being traded Splinterlands cover seven of the 10 spots and with we include Forge since it is related to Splinterlands that is a total of 8 out of 10 top coins traded daily.

Activity for Splinterlands tokens is exceptionally high with respect to other Hive tokens. This bold well for the game and its token value.

To date Hive and DEC pool has traded in $ volume in the tune of +$117 million which is close to 1.5x the current game market cap.


Looking at Tribaldex chart on daily volume we can quickly see how active liquidity pools with Splinterlands tokens are traded. For instance this past 24 hours there is around $54.56k of value traded.

Out of that total a little over $40k is traded across top three liquidity pools that has at least one token related to Splinterlands. That is close to 75% of the total daily volume! Splinterlands activity is obviously booming.

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