Splinterlands - Latest Promo Card Mar. 2023

On occasions Splinterlands will come out with promotion offers and the latest one coming in on March 21st, 2023 does not seem to disappoint.

Story Here.

A quick summary of cost and how to obtain the latest promo card.

Vouchers and SPS staking is required to get this promo card and for those who are interested. Finally another use for the tokens. Not many will be able to get a max level of such a card.

1,000 SPS staked times 400 common bcx would require 400k staked SPS. There are not that many players who can max the card so will be interested to see how many cards will be bought that day.

Once snapshot of SPS staked is taken the players have seven days to purchase the qualified amount.

The card has a high speed of seven but a health of three at max. All for only two mana and sneak ability allowing the card to be position in any spot of the formation. Although it is a dragon splinter monster there seems to be a lot of dragon promos. I prefer to see neutrals but that maybe just me.

So will you be planning to purchase this card during the promotion?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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