Splinterlands - Is The Game Losing Its Mojo?


Tokens associated to Splinterlands has been riding on a down trend for a few days now. This includes DEC, SPS, and card packs. Withe the price dropping I wonder if the demand in the game is also falling? This is a good question to ask as I am one of many who are heavily investing in the game.

Daily Active Users


The amount of activity for that last two months has been a steady rate of active daily users. With almost 400k users on a daily basis. As of now dapper.com has Splinterlands the most active dapp.


Currently Nearly 1.5 million Chaos Packs


With almost 1.5 million new Chaos packs in circulation nearly 1.1 million have already been opened. It goes to show the demand for Splinterlands cards are still very very high. Compare it to previous series Chaos pack openings already surpassed Alpha and Beta series just in the month of December. In fact the first day of Chaos packs opening up to now is still not even a month in and over a million packs already opened. Insane.



There maybe a decline in total market cap of all current in circulation Splinterlands cards, but the cards increasing in supply may have something to do with the price drop.


That is to say the Chaos rewards and booster packs have added a significant supply of cards making the overall market to appear to be lower in evaluation as players are trying to sell off cards they do not want at lower prices in hopes of buying cards they do want. This will not last forever as there are limited reward cards and Chaos booster packs.


Nearly 20% of the reward cards have already been distributed while over nearly 10% of all Chaos booster packs ever to be printed have been sold. Where the Chaos packs are maxed at 15 million packs.


What we are experiencing now in asset prices is likely a digestion and consolidation from all time highs. It remains to be seen if in fact assets in Splinterlands can go deeper in the red. Instead when looking at the activity and demand for its assets it is clear that they are stronger than ever. If I were to say a year from now assets prices would be higher than where they are today it would not be a stretch.

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