Splinterlands - Investing SPS to Earn in Events?

There is a little under 1 billion SPS supplied. Where close to have of that supply is locked up in stake value. What is the benefits for staking the SPS? A couple of benefits but the one I really want to look at is earning SPS rewards in events. Lets take a look at it.

Benefits of Staking SPS

The main benefit of staking SPS is stakers earn liquid SPS and vouchers daily from staked SPS.

Other benefits of staking SPS is having voting power in proposals and participating in events. The focus today is on earning SPS when participating in events because the way I see it, currently there are opportunities to earn SPS for those who are willing to stake enough SPS.

Events Rewards in SPS

Above snapshots are examples of big cost of entry to play in tournament but the rewards pot is large. Top winners earn thousands of SPS which is equivalent to about $100s per player.

Notice in the league of champions there are only 112 participants when rewards are distributed up to 128 players. This means if a player has enough SPS staked and collection power to play the event they will at minimum end up flat with the event but have the upside of earning $100s if they win the tournament. This is a reasonable safe investment.


I entered the latest Alpha only silver event because I have enough SPS staked and enough collection power to partake. Currently there are less participants than the minimum players that get rewarded but even if there are more players I need to be ranked 128th to breakeven in the event.

Meanwhile if I rank any higher than 57th I would be earning liquid SPS when the event is complete. This is the side of investing in staked SPS that is not really being discussed.

If one stakes enough SPS and has enough cards to play in events they should look at it and partake in the events. The benefits outweigh the risks for playing in the events. The yield may not seem like much but if I earn 5 SPS in the even and do this for 52 weeks as the same event occurs approximately once a week, it comes out to be over 2,500 SPS in a year! That is just one event.

I can imagine top players who partake in multiple events in a week and able to rank high enough to earn SPS ranking rewards will likely be earning high four to five figures SPS a year.

In addition proposal #11 is likely to pass. This will mean not only do participants ranking yield SPS rewards the battles themselves will soon also yield SPS. This is just icing on the cake on why players who stake enough SPS should be participating in events.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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