Splinterlands - Intrinsic Value of Proposals

I recently stumbled upon a twitter account by the name @cryptmancer and found a couple of his twits intriguing. He also has a youtube channel that talks about aspects of the game with a lot of thought into it. Bottom line if you have not heard of him please check him out.

Twitter Link

One of his twits is regarding how proposals have effects on the value of the game. Something I did not really consider when looking at proposals and we will discuss why that is the case in today's post.

Voting On Proposals

A Splinterlands proposal once active currently has seven days for users to vote. At the end of the seven days once closed if the proposal passes the developers would determine when to execute the changes. On the other hand if the proposal fails no changes.

Real Cost Of Proposals?

Yet often players do not know the real cost toward passing or failing a specific proposal. In fact some proposals has such an intrinsic cost to them you would think they should not be treated so lightly? Yet whether a proposal will effect the game's market cap by +$3 million or $4 thousand they all have the same voting time.

I have to be honest when it comes to discussions on discord regarding on active proposals I do not very much partake or even read through the discussions. The furthest I go is reading the sps.dao article. Beyond the inner discussions I rarely get involved or even look at.

So when it comes to voting for a proposal the actual cost of it is not clear to me nor do I think it is for many others who are voting. Instead when a proposal is out we take it at face value as almost equal from one proposal to the next as the graphics interface on each active proposal does not differentiate between one another.


There needs to be some thought into my vote each time I see a proposal moving forward. Whether the $$$ numbers per proposal passed referenced by @cryptmancer is accurate is not the point. The point is I myself just like my fellow players of Splinterlands need to look further into each proposal and spend some time to figure out if its a good proposal to pass. We may not know the effects of it until down the road but discussing it now while its active is the ideal situation.

However lack of time to focus on the game is very understandable. Myself included many players have multiple things to juggle in life so missing a few details regarding the proposals are bound to happen. Yet with social media on the rise and the spread of information I think we should be capable of getting the information across. In addition it would be great that Splinterlands themselves change the time duration of how long voting is accepted per proposal based on its intrinsic value effects to the game. With more time on a proposal it will convey to voters how important their vote is versus ones that have shorter duration means less so in at least the $ cost sense.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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