Splinterlands - In Game GUI Updates

Over the past few weeks I have notice a few subtle changes inside the game in regards to searching assets easier and more define. We look into a bit more in today's post and wonder what else has changed that I maybe missing.

Card Market

There is now a subset category when selecting a set of cards. This is nice because back in the day any promo or reward card could not be clearly separated into which set they came from leading to the challenge of knowing if a card was playable in both wild and modern or just wild.

For instance selecting Untamed set one can then select "Core", "Promo", "Reward", or at the time's sub packs "Dice". It is clear once you select a different set certain sub packs would no longer show up identifying to player which subset goes to which. On top of that when a subset is select only specific cards of that set at the time of the set print would show up for selection.

This is significant because in both Promo and Rewards there were multiple cards that came out throughout all sets but now can easily delineate which set they came from. Prior to this feature users either had to go through third party websites or exchange information with veteran players on what card went with which set. At the time of creating the cards Splinterlands had devised a system of artwork to separate the cards to each set but to some this may have been lost or never understood.

For example notice how the reward water cards above have borders that are a little different. Each one although a common and same splinter came from different set and a player can immediately tell that by looking at the border. Besides Chaos having a border showing its symbol both Untamed and Beta did not making it difficult for a newer player to know if it was Beta or Untamed. Now with the in game filters of sets and sub sets it makes it easier to delineate.

Small Steps, Big Results

Over the years I have seen how the GUI on Splinterlands have evolved and have to say its amazing to see how it is still relevant to this day after over three uses of activity. Some changes small while others big. All in all it has been a great site to use.

A game that has entertain many from the start to where it is today is just amazing to see and use. I look forward to future updates that will keep the game and site relevant.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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