Splinterlands - Hidden Gem's in New Reward Cards?


It seems with the new reward cards out it maybe applicable to write about which cards I recommend as being great cards to own since not only are there plenty of them on the market, but many new comers who are playing the game long term may want to keep any of the cards discussed in this post for safe keeps.

Although this is just my opinion on cards I believe deserves to be bought it is not the be all end all. In fact my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. Also since the new reward cards have briefly existed for not more than a week I may change some of my decisions down the road as I am as many other players trying to learn when is best to use one of these new reward cards.

In no particular order of best new reward cards to own the following is a list of cards I recommend.

Pelacor Mercenary


At first glance Pelacor resembles Nectar Queen. A high mana monster with high stats and flying ability be default Pelacor gets really interesting at level 6 where it has self heal and at max level has retaliate. Note also at max it has a health of 11. An immediate comparison with the heal ability and being common card brings us to none other than the Flesh Golem. Although Flesh Golem at max level has a higher melee at 4 it only has two abilities as in void and heal.

Pelacor would be a great staple with heal and in use with battles that have the rule set earthquake. It can give Nectar Queen its run for the money.

Pelacor Deceiver


As relative to Pelacor Mercenary the Pelacor Deceiver in similar ways have a high melee and health at max level. While it may not have self heal it does have the new ability backfire, where if opponent misses attacking Deceiver the attacking monster in return takes damage. With a max level Deceiver the speed is at a high of 5 while it is only a 5 mana monster. This card is worth putting into the formation in rule sets such as melee only or melee attack at any position of formation.

Venari Crystalsmith


Max Venari will provide a tank heal and dispel abilities. In addition it has a range attack at 3 and a speed of 4 with a health of 6. Who does this remind us of, well none other than life's Divine Healer. The Venari in my opinion is the better supporting tank heal monster as it has a faster and stronger attack than Divine Healer. Venari at max almost matches the health of the Divine Healer at 6 versus 7. A minor drawback comparative of the two is Venari needs 4 mana to play while Divine Healer needs 3.

It is worth mentioning Crustacean King from the water splinter resembles Venari in the form that they both have tank heal and range attack. Venari by far has a higher range at 3 versus Crustacean King at max level only a 2. In addition the cost to max a Venari compare to Crustacean at current prices has Venari much cheaper than that of Crustacean King.

Naga Assassin


Another monster with the backfire ability is Naga Assassin. A dragon splinter card the monster gets backfire at level 4. It has a speed of 5 straight out of the gate so potential of making its opponents missed is high. In addition at max level it will increase the speed of its friendly monsters with swiftness follow up with its own lightning speed of 6. Naga Assassin becomes more of a dodging attacks and retaliating opponents based on its designed stats.


The cards recommended above are based on ease of obtain, its versatile uses, resemblance of higher price older cards, and above all the card's prices themselves per 1 bcx. I would recommend looking at the new reward legends but the price of each are multiple times that of the cards listed in this post. Legendary rewards cards will be discussed in a future post.

The four cards discussed here are Pelacor Mercenary, Pelacor Deceiver, Venari Crystalsmith, and Naga Assissan out of a total of 21 new reward cards.

I would like to comment your thoughts on the best new reward cards to earn/buy. As I mentioned earlier I do not have the final say of end all be all. Yet hopefully this post provides a decent start for players who wish to narrow down only specific reward cards they wish to own.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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