Splinterlands - Gladius Case Openings

Another brawl ends and I accumulated enough Merits to purchase 6 cases. Here are the results of opening the cases.

Out of the cases came one common gold foil and eight rare regular foil cards.

In total I have over 40k in CP just in Gladiator cards. This is an amazing personal achievement as it took over a year to accumulate. I know there are plenty of players out there who have much more in CP, but I am happy where I am at considering where I started.

My favorite card in Gladius is Quora Towershead and recently I earned a Jini Guise which I can stack with magic formations. I simply have an affiliation with magic monsters.

I look forward to reaching 100k CP in Gladius cards, but I guess before I even look at that I need to perform better in my brawls, lol.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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