Splinterlands - ELVEN CUTTHROAT (Weekly Battle Post)


Elven Cutthroat was one of the older cards in Splinterlands. A beta neutral card I really wanted to finish collecting 1 bcx common and rare gold foil beta neutral monsters. Yet I never got to getting an Elven Cutthroat as prices of cards exploded. In the end I did not even get a regular version of it. Still I have opportunity to use a level 1 version of it in battles due to the spell book. Today I will show you one of those battles where I used Elven in battle and won.

Battle Formation


The match was limited to only 15 mana. In addition the rule sets were heal out and only common monsters allowed. So what do we do in such a situation? I went with life splinter instead of fire as I wanted to use repair ability in case my opponent would go on with an melee attack formation. I can say after the match it was a good decision to go with life splinter.

My formation started out with Furious Chicken followed up with Silvershield Warrior, Elven Cutthroat, Divine Healer, and ending with Armor Smith. I had Furious Chicken as lead just to be a sacrifice at the front end. With only 15 manas I was not able to fill up all the spots but 5 out of 6 was not bad.

My opponent's formation starts off with Living Lava followed up with Serpentine Spy and end with Kobold Miner. The fire splinter would come on pretty strong with melee attacks but as expected I would be focused on neutralizing it with repair ability from my Armor Smith.

Round 1


The round ended up with a stalemate as neither side lost any monsters. I was surprise my Furious Chicken survived. The toughness came through for all the monsters as the health remain as in the beginning of the round.

Round 2


In round 2 Kobold Miner was knocked out but my Furious Chicken was gone too. This was a fair exchange in my opinion since Kobold Miner did more harm than my Furious Chicken. In addition Lava missed in its attack and it had to withstand further pounding with then a health of 4 remaining.

It was great to see Elven due to its sneak ability knock out Kobold Miner as it gave a taste of its own medicine. Kobold Miner too had sneak ability but due to its slower speed it was being attacked first.

Round 3


The third round somewhat repeated round 2. Both sides were attacking but my side too the advantage. Elven knocked out Serpentine Spy while Lava again taking further damage with a health of 2 at the end of the round.

The way this is turning out appears to be that Armor Smith's repair ability definitely hindered my opponent from knocking out my monsters. Then in return my monsters had the chance to attack and deal death blows to my opponent. Up to here Elven was the one to finish two of the monsters.

Round 4


Elven started off with the first hit but did no damage to Lava. The shield ability basically nullified any 1 melee hit on it. Yet combination of my remaining monsters was enough to finish off Lava.

Battle Conclusion

At the start of the battle it looked to be a pretty evenly match team even though I had 5 against their 3 monsters. However since my Furious Chicken is really a filler it was really 4 on 3. What really drove home the win for me was Armor Smith. The repair ability basically help protect my formation from immediate knockout. In addition summoner Tyrus Paladium helped with the +1 toughness boost.

However today's post is really to focus on Elven Cutthroat. In this battle indeed she helped out in the victory. It's speed and sneak ability allow it to knock out first Kobold Miner and then Serpentine Spy. This is fitting for the monster's name has Cutthroat in it.

If you are interested in watching the battle described in this post, Link Here.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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