Splinterlands - Earning My First Soulbound Legendary

I finally got my first Soulbound legendary reward card.

Terraceous Hulk which on first appearance looks great to be a tanker or middle of the formation. The stats are pretty nice with a high health of nine and toughness at six. Even though speed is one this card would be great to use with rule set like reverse speed.

The legendary reminds me of The Kraken and although not equals it does have some nice stats and abilities. I am excited on my new legend and feel lucky considering that currently only 620 of these cards have been earned and I was one of those players. Just sweet!

In a somewhat similar topic it appears I have enough Soulbound commons to level up and have done so just now. As the new reward cards are out just about a week there are already plenty of things to look forward to.

I do not have a lot of Soulbound cards but have already crossed over 1,000 CP and its a big help in crossing over that number with today's legendary pull. I look forward to earning more Soulbound cards.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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