Splinterlands - Did I Make A Mistake Buying Waka?


Sometimes when you buy an item you feel somewhat of a FOMO there is a bit of buyer remorse the comes after it. On the day phase 2 of Waka Spiritblade arrived I had that feeling. Over on Atomichub the sale of the card was in WAX and in north of 5,200 WAX per max regular Waka.

For months I have been saving my crypto for a large purchase and here arrived one. My favorite cryptocurrency game, Splinterlands, offering a very limited 960 prints ever to be made legendary summoners up for sale. Phase 1 went by in an instant but phase 2 well not so much.

Waka Spiritblade Lackluster


The most active daily active users cryptocurrency game could not pull off a fire sale for one of is most limited edition cards ever to be printed. How bad was it?


On the first day of its sale on Atomichub there were a total of 19 sold. After that not anymore were sold. On a positive note the gold foil edition sold 13 on day one. All in all less than 10% of the entire open market of Waka Spiritblades were sold.

So what could have caused this? For one not many WAX holders probably were into Splinterlands and the fact that many who were involved in the game do not have the wealth of WAX as if they do in other tokens such as DEC, SPS and Hive.

Waka Spiritblade Sales To Come?


The developers decided to bring over all the remaining unsold Wakas in game and provide about two weeks time to sell all the cards at $1500 and $7000 for gold foil respectively. Any remaining cards not sold would be burned in turn reducing the overall amount of Waka ever to be offered in the game that much lower.


As of now there are a couple Waka being offered even under $1500 marked price when first minted. Although not many are offering under $1500 it is still concerning that there could potentially be further drop in card price.


Buyer remorse has set in a little as of now news is I could have paid for the card through in game if I had waited a bit longer. FOMO got to me this time and likely many more times to come.

Still I have used Waka just a little over a week and have to say it has been more of a help to raise my game to a better level. That goes with saying I had to spend north of $1500 for the card when I include the swap fees from Hive to Wax. At any rate I do not want to sell now as I simply would be incurring a big lose. Meanwhile having the card has allowed me to earn more by winning enough to rise in leagues quicker and allow me to win more matches.

I may have some buyer remorse but I still overall had mostly a positive experience holding Waka for more than a week now.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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