Splinterlands - DEC Evaluation in 2023

Cryptocurrency as a whole is bouncing overnight and stabilizing after late last week when financial markets were struggling. However the focus today is on the evaluation of DEC to date in March 2023. Things have changed and DEC price relative to $ is on the rise and stabilizing. DEC is getting closer to peg value.

DEC Supply

For the past 45 days the decline in DEC supply has been over 60 million. This is different from past numbers and the trend continues to decline as every 15 days for the past 45 days the amount of DEC continues to decline.

In the equation of supply and demand it is clear that supply is shrinking. Also as we had stated at the beginning of the post the price of DEC has been rising.

So the question is why is DEC supply trending down and can it be sustainable?

Ways To Burn DEC


The new rollout of 1 DEC fee for buying/leasing cards have not even gone through a week yet there has been over 500k DEC accumulated in fees. These DEC will or have already been burned.

With the introduction of Land v1.5 and hinting on use of DEC there has been more push for players to be amassing DEC-B and accumulate DEC in general. With a little under a month left there remains a decent amount of DEC-B on sale, close to 1.4 billion and in all likelihood it remains to be seen if they will be sold out. The demand for DEC-B will only continue to rise in the coming days as we all saw the deadline for Chaos packs ended with a bang where packs were sold out as of just a couple of days ago.


Link above we can see the instant @splinterlands is removing DEC out of the supply by transferring the tokens to Null. It is fascinating to see hundreds of thousands of DEC going into Null which will never see the light of day ever again.

DEC's Future

Last year there was a lot of concerns as to how DEC could get back to peg and how prices for the token was reaching near all time lows. In less than a year things are a lot brighter for the token. The demand is on the rise and supply is dwindling. This all leads to likely higher prices in the future. I am personally looking forward to DEC reaching back to peg and its potential to stay above peg in the very near future.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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