Splinterlands - Cost of Silver Deck?

Peakmonster's latest feature of allowing users to develop and name a group of cards into decks and be accessible to share has help many in learning what kind of cards can get a player to a specific league. Today we look at what kind of decks can get us through the Silver league.

Main reason I am focusing on Silver is that the cost although high in terms of crypto price, four figures, it is still not unreasonable in terms of overall cost compare to Gold and above leagues.

Chaos Series

In modern era alpha, beta, and some promo/reward are not playable. Then it is more important to have a silver league set of Chaos cards to fill the lineup. For silver league a Chaos set seems reasonable at around $1,300 to buy or 1,061 DEC / day to rent.

Pack in another $280 one can actually get max level Chaos rewards set. However even just a silver league set will only cost $65. This is ideal to obtain at minimum for modern era battles.

Untamed Silver

The series prior to Chaos is Untamed. With a little over $5100 would be the cost to obtain a silver league series of Untamed cards. Footnote it appears at current best prices that even a Beta or Alpha silver set of cards both are under $5100 as of this moment. It surely looks like Untamed is pretty hefty in cost.

So worth noting three out of the five legendary Untamed monsters at silver league would cost close to $2000 in Kitty, Zaku, and Llama. With that being said players can make the sacrifice of those three cards and pull an Untamed silver deck closer to $3100.

Modern Deck

Every card that is eligible to be played in modern era would cost a staggering $9300. Note none of the cards are at max level and in fact nothing beyond level 5 cards. We now know it is mainly an Untamed set of cards that take up majority of the cost.

At the end it is clear that a silver deck for modern era seems to cost less than $7300 to buy or under 6000 DEC / day to rent. This is excluding some of the most expensive Untamed summoners. Meanwhile all remainder cards the qualify to play in modern era is accessible for use.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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