Splinterlands - Chaos Legions Air Drops....


Today marks another Splinterlands achievement. The game has now sold over 8 million Chaos Legion packs and with that offers the 8th airdrop, Ineligible. Yet what we are going to discuss today is the remaining 6 air drops that are to come and how much they can potentially change the game.

Past Air Drops

When we want to foresee what the potential would be in having the future Chaos' 9th - 14th airdrop we want to consider what happened in past air drops. What better than to look at Untamed.


Back in Untamed series airdrops it was from packs 5 million sold up to 10 million were there 5 consecutive legendary summoners airdrop. What is important to note is that in all the airdrops there were seven of them being summoners, half the entire Untamed airdrops. While for Chaos there will be six summoners airdrops.


The airdropped Untamed summoners turned out to be pretty lucrative except for rare dragon summoner. In any case the demand for the Untamed legendary summoners are proven their worth as current market prices has all off them over $100 / bcx.

Chaos Legions Airdrops

I look forward to the potential of the new Chaos Legions legendary summoners. For now we can assume each splinter will have a new Chaos Legendary summoner since there are a total of six splinters. With 8 million packs sold there are now 7 million packs left in game that can be purchased. The last million will not earn an air drop therefore those who want to have a potential of collecting the upcoming legendary summoners airdrop would wisely purchase packs now. Even the earlier pack buyers will have potential of getting the legendary summoner airdropped since those packs bought from the beginning of the series are counted toward airdrops.

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