Splinterlands - Cards Open Markets (Hive and Beyond)


Splinterland's Card Market

The easiest way to purchase Splinterlands cards are directly through the game. A 5% fee is taken from sellers while buyers have no fees. The cards cards can be purchased with credits or DEC. Credits can be converted from different altcoins or fiat through paypal and credits always have a fix value paired to the $USD where 1,000 credits equals $1 USD.


Beyond the purchase of cards in game is through third party websites that is linked to the hive blockchain. The third party websites links are included when a player is at the in game webpage for convenience.


Each site has its pros in purchasing Splinterlands cards but they all are associated to the hive blockchain. Hence the fees they put for sales of cards are slightly reduced from that of the in game market.

  • Peakmonsters
  • MonsterMarket
  • Card Auctionz

Card Auctionz

The best discounts comes from Card Auctionz. They basically offer 3.25% cash back on all purchases. That is over 60% discount in fees compared to that of Splinterlands. The seller still charged a 5% but buyers save 3.25%.

In addition to best discount in purchasing cards Card Auctionz also offers discount in card rentals. Although the discount is small it is better than nothing.




Monsters Markets is one of the first websites I used when third parties Splinterlands markets came out. The site has one of the easiest and most simplest interfaces to use. In addition it gives 3% cash back on all purchases. The buyers still will have to pay 5% of the total sale. Only beaten by cardauctionz.com.

Another nice feature of Monster Market is its buy in bulk feature so if a player needs multiple bcx of a card there is a quick and easy way to click on purchasing multiple cards at once.




Peakmonsters by far has the most detail information to players on purchases of cards. Far more information than in game Splinterlands has to offer. Yet there is no % discount for buyer of cards and sellers have to pay 5% in fees.

The rental market similar to the buy and sell market also has a lot of useful info to guide players as to what is the best price for a specific card at the present time. There is so much information within peakmonsters but also easy to read it will still take multiple posts in order to encompass all the features the site has to offer. Out of the current three listed here peakmonsters provides the most information and features in buy, sell, rent, lend, and bid than any of the other sites.



Outside of the hive blockchain there are current a couple of options for other crypto holders to purchase Splinterlands cards. The first with ETH through Open Sea and the second with WAX through sites like https://wax.atomichub.io/

Open Sea



Due to the current high ETH gas fees players are unable to move Splinterlands cards from in game to Open Sea. If they desperately wish to trade their cards outside of Hive blockchain they can do so through the WAX blockchain.




By design WAX blockchain requires no gas fee hence is the better option than Open Sea for now. The snapshot above is from cryptoslam.io which lists most traded NFTS in games on either ETH, Solona, or WAX. Since most of the trading outside of Hive blockchain is currently with WAX cryptoslam is tracking only WAX trades.

The transfers of cards from Hive blockchain to Wax blockchain and vise versa is seamless in game. In game select the card you wish to move to WAX blockchain to sell is just a few clicks away. Although it first requires you to link your WAX wallet to your Splinterlands account. Once the link is complete any card in your collection can be transfer to WAX without fees.



This post is to illustrate the multiple options for players to buy and sell cards. In addition do rentals too. Each one has its own benefits but in my opinion the cheapest would be Card Auctionz while the easiest to purchase cards is Monster Market. Peakmonster beats all when it comes to auto biding of buying cards and renting cards. Once you are familiar with the game it is best to never have to purchase cards through in game Splinterlands as they offer no benefits to buyers.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Helpful Links for New and Veteran Players

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