Splinterlands - Card Prices Near Year Lows

For those that are not in America I probably have to explain what "Black Friday" means. In America the day after Thanks Giving, an American holiday, is the last Friday of November. On that day consumers have some of the best discounts in stores for all kinds of goods and services. Think of it as best shopping day for everyone. This is how it appears in the recent Splinterlands card prices decline.


This week we had the recent news of the downsize in Splinterlands and company. This lead to some FUD and people selling out their assets, which is putting downward pressure on all Splinterlands asset prices. However it appears to be temporary as most recent as today prices has again ticked up a bit.

For a chaos set at max level based on Splintercards.com it is barely over $4k. Over on monstermarket.io which I consider the more accurate number has it around $4.6k for a max chaos set.

DEC Price Dip

Another reason for card prices falling is the price of DEC falling. In a matter of days after after Lux Vega promotion all Splinterlands tokens and even Hive have fallen dramatically.

This downtrend pulled $ price of the cards lower. Overall this may not be appearing like a good thing as asset prices fall but for those who remain on the side line or trying to accumulate cards, like yours truly, its a great time to be buying.

What To Look For To Buy?

Even older reward cards we can see price drops that have not been this low since late last year. There is a lot of potential with buying older cards since they have less in circulating quantities and they are worth more in DEC burn rate.

Pay careful attention to rewards cards and check often with DEC price being volatile there could be potential to purchasing cards below burn rate if you now what to look out for.

Looking Ahead

Where there is pessimism we should always try to see the opportunities. Right now crypto is in a bear market and Splinterlands assets are dropping in price. Might be a good time to look for bargains out there.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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