Splinterlands - Breaking Down My Losing Streak

I have played many matches in gold league yet even today I encounter some long losing streak. Why? Well lets just say I am not good at gaming and even with the right cards I slip up all the time. On the other hand there are some loses just simply because I got the short end of the luck. Here in today's post a reflection of my most recent losing streaks and write what I can do better in future battles. I only hope by writing this post I limit my losses.


One of the most common occurrences with a draw in a match happens if a rule set is Noxious Fumes. As in the battle snapshot shown above the end result was a draw.

Ways to increase my chances of winning is to nullify the Noxious Fumes with monster abilities or increase either attacking stats or health stats. Basically try to outlast my opponent is the goal.

Low Mana But High Health

At 16 manas I would think going with magic monsters would help me the best here since fire and dragon were really more leans towards melee. What turn out to beat me was healing. My opponent's monster was high in health from the get go and including self heal and tank heal it was just too much to knock out.

My opponent had lower level cards in play which made this lost that much worse to go through. In addition again Noxious Fumes rule set was in play and I neglected to provide any form of healing in my formation to counter.

Out Played On Abilities

I remember spending almost the entire 3 minutes setting up this formation but what I overlooked came back to haunt me. Goblin Psyhic with Affliction turned out to by the key to knocking my out since my LoA could not longer be healed by my rear monsters. With LoA removed I was a sitting duck against my opponent.

Lack of chaos cards leveled up to gold league is the main reason I lost here. In addition not realizing what abilities are made available to those specific chaos cards left me overlooking potential counters.

So Close...

I do not really have much to say about matches that come down to literally one or two attacks from victory. For instance matches that are borderline close to wins if only my monsters did not make a miss. Yet it happens at random times and I end up taking the lose.


Well I may remember my most recent losses but will I have learned from them to not make the same mistakes in future battles? It sometimes can get confusing on plan of attack when there are so many variables to account for. Whether it is the type of rule sets to type of splinters allowed or mana quantity. There are so many combinations to go with. Even in battles where it may seem I planned it well I sometimes need luck to be on my side where a single attack miss matters.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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