Splinterlands - Bots Assistance?

Reading through discord channels related to the game I have recently encountered a lot of discussions regarding new bot services coming up for players where they are using a bot to assess their opponent to provide user best formations to use in battle. Essentially making a bot play for the player but the player manually inputting the formations. It almost sounds like a work around for use of bots as Splinterlands have begun implementing new methods to mitigate botting.

XBOT's Battle Helper

Over on XBOT's discord channel is the Battle Helper. For a small fee user can play a battle and operate Battle Helper. Battle Helper will look at opponent's formation and the player's card collection to create top 5 formations for best outcome to win. The whole thing is operated outside of the game but the player will need to have another screen playing the game in order to input the formation manually. The jest of this is to allow the player better odds of using their cards to the fullest and providing themselves best chances to win.

I personally have not used the Battle Helper but have seen how it operates in Discord. It presently appears the tool is a very useful and or popular that other bot services are now rumored to have or will roll out soon their own Battle Helper, like Archmage.

Is This All Right?

For months if not years the issues of bots have come up many times. The main concern was that the game turned into more of an automation rather than play the game human versus human.

Bottom line if bots playing Splinterlands in general is not well received it can be easily perceived that bots assisting players in setting up formations is mainly the same. It is like having a cheat sheet on what best to do rather than using the player's own skills to play the game. I think bot helpers is just taking away the challenges the game has in making the players think on what to do rather than following specific instructions.

I am curious how you guys think in regarding relying bot helpers in order to create formations? Sounds more like cheating than actual playing the game in my personal opinion.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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