Splinterlands - A Whole Lot Of Magic Defense??

I am a big fan of magic attacking monsters. Ever since I played Alric Stormbringer I have mainly added water and neutral magic monsters as much as I could. With silver league the wins with magic came much easier than gold. Now I find myself in gold league losing more than what I like to. I overlooked at the Chaos legendary and now come to realize all splinters buts have cards that can by design be nullifying magic attacks.

Chaos Legendaries

From neutral's Legionnaire Alvar, or fire's Grum Flameblade, and death's Djinn Muirat they all have void armor. Then there is life's summoner Grandmaster Rathe with void armor.

When I play matches I tend to forget how good void armor becomes until I face it in battle. In high mana battles it becomes very apparent that cards with void armor are great to use.

To further stack against magic monsters there is Baakjira with void.

It all just seems a strong wall against magic and I have been overlooking Chaos cards when playing in Gold league. This was not as bad during silver league but now having a lot of difficulty getting through with magic setups.

Legacy Cards Never Had Void Armor

Just to be clear no cards before the Chaos series besides rewards Chain Spinner were there any cards that had void armor. It makes sense why in the past I was performing better with a magic focused deck. Now there is balance with Chaos.


One way to get through the defense is the Piercing ability.

  • If Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health.

The focus is to knock out opponents with void and void armor in order to take out the remainder of formations.

In addition have higher speed would allow my monsters to inflict damage first and hopefully get the knockout.


In formations where my intention is to go with magic focused formations I will have to anticipate on attacking through void armor from now on. Majority of players own Chaos cards so I have to assume the top players in gold will likely have plenty of cards with void armor.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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