My New Splinterlands Additions Mar. 2023

Yesterday around afternoon to early evening at my time zone I noticed DEC rose close to $0.0009. This was by far close to par as it was for over a year and I knew I had to act in trying to find cards on the open market to purchase. My watch list dwindled as many cards I had been hoping to snatched were either removed from market or likely bought by other players.

Decided to Go Rare

Two cards I picked up at level 6 were Mycelic Splipspawn and Cursed Windeku. Since I play mainly in gold league I thought it would be cost effective to buy up to max rare level per league which is at level 6.

The Mycelic will come handy in magic formations and high mana. I also like its Taunt ability and Force Field is icing on the cake. With opponents that have high attacks my Mycelic will be able to handle the blows.

Cursed Windeku remains me of Haunted Spirit but with thorn from the former it is best used with melee attacking opponents. While Haunted Spirit will perform better against magic attacking opponents. I decided to add Cursed Windeku in part I have seen it used against me and done well, and that it is a fraction of the cost than that of Haunted Spirit at the same level 6.


The rare price rise in DEC followed by finding some reasonably priced cards equated to me adding a couple of Chaos cards to my collection. The cards added have high enough level to take full use of when I play.

I will be saving up more DEC and looking forward to another possible price boom. If that is to hold true I will be looking through the markets in search of adding other Chaos cards for sure.

Did you guys snag any cards while DEC price soared over 15% temporarily?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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