My New Investment in Lands

I recently had a small chuck of hive power down and used it on purchasing more land plots. Considering at the time how much was available I decided to go one step higher and gather five rare plots for around $250. This meant it was about $50 a plot and 1 out of 5 were already built.

Main reason I bought these were that they all came from the same region and they were the most affordable rares at the time. Even a common land plot was running for about $39. A $10 or so difference between common and rare so I decided to go rare.

There are approximately 30k plot of rares ever to be owned. Me having five of those total makes it good odds for benefiting more in future land 2. I do wonder if bad land has its drawbacks as literally the plots background looks bad and it’s literally called “badland” :|

My major drawbacks are limited in resources to support another five plots. I just don’t have that many good assets. In addition no power core or boost packages were bought prior to surveying the lands. I have inherited the addition cost just to start building let alone earning any rewards.

I am addicted to land and already have plans to build this second set of plots. I hope by next week I will have all these new plots up and building.

I will have my first five plots incur fee by moving grain to the new rare lots. However with the rare plots I gain more in production which I think is worth it.

Plots are definitely selling right now as I missed out on some affordable commons and epics but not waiting here with the rares.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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