My EOS Rewards in Splinterlands

I was able to pull 2 Chaos packs for this end of season which made the overall experience really great. I now have pulled four packs in just the past week and feel very grateful.

Meanwhile this season's stats turn out to likely be one of my best in gold league. The majority of wins came from a long win streak last week when I faced off countless consecutive bot accounts.

My Season Stats

My win streak was an insane 41. I do not remember winning that many matches in a row ever. The win streak also boost my win to loss ratio to an all time personal best of 1.41.

With all that said and done I earned an equivalent of 430 plus SPS in rank battles.

My Season Rental Income

Another +30k DEC for the full season but still closer to all time lows than highs. I will remain watching the rental income closely hoping I can yield more with now the addition of the fee structure in placing rentals on the open market.


End of seasons made it worth it. A ton of cards and plenty of $$ yield from the Chaos packs. I decided to not raise in league play and stick with gold even with my rating allowing me to get to diamond. The main reason was to keep earning gold reward chests for the following reason instead of diamond. I have found I get better luck pulling more chests than having higher league chests.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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