My Daily Rants On Splinterlands

Overnight a lot has changed in the world of Splinterlands. In this post I will talk briefly of what changes I have seen and what I anticipate on doing in the coming days.

Soul Keep

New tab for Soul Keep game in beta version has been released. I am no whale so never got 500 packs of Nightmare in order to gain access to the game. Yet from listening to others who have access and tried it out recently they have described the game having good music and active game play.

Personally looking forward to its official release. Meanwhile I missed out on purchasing Nightmare packs on the open market just by minutes yesterday as I saw they were selling as low as 4.9 Hive each!

Even if I was to flip the packs it would have been at lest 100 Hive in profit for 100 packs as they are now selling for over 6 Hives each.

Promo Card

Sale of new dragon promo card has started and due mainly for me missing out on the Nightmare pack sale I went and spent the Hive on more SPS and staking. In turn I am able to purchase up to 27 packs by end of the week. I am gradually collecting enough vouchers to make the purchase.

Currently almost 300k bcx regular foil of the new promo card already in circulation. Nearly 8k bcx gold foil in circulation. I am glad I staked over 25k SPS as the promotion guarantees a gold foil for every 25k SPS staked. Now I only need a couple more vouchers to obtain the 27 bcx I am awarded to obtain.

Voucher prices are holding steady at just under 0.3 Hive each. Well worth getting enough vouchers to obtain those Vruz cards.

Gladius Cases Opening

Its been a couple more brawls since my last Gladius cases bulk opening so decided to open more cases today. In total 8 cases were open.

Best card I obtained was a rare gold foil Captain Katie. I did get a couple of epics but no legends.

Over on the Gladius cards I earned was estimated equivalent to $16. Not bad. This leads me to having a total of over 45k collection power just in Gladius cards.

Collection Power and Production Power

While looking through my cards on I came across the new stat of Production Power, which is related to the land expansion game.

At buy tab there is even an option for best PP per $ filter. This will likely give players opportunity to snag the top PP cards for its price now since its pretty recent. I have a lot of low level cards so may plan to merge some to get higher PP, but will wait a bit longer to see if the better course of action is to keep cards I do not use at lower bcx.

Battle Energy Bar

The update has been completed and on first impression it seems to be working well. I now can play up to 25 battles in one sitting, which is nice as I potentially should yield more SPS than in the past.

Comparing daily battles over the most recent 2 week span and 1 week span it is clear amount of battles is trending down. This to me means less bots in play. Likely a good sign for the game as a whole as rewards are not being hoarded by bot accounts.


What a day today with all the activities going on with Splinterlands. It is great to see and have crypto bull run in play. Things are looking good and I can not wait to see what the future has in store for updates.

One final item as of now there are two active proposals for players to vote. Since I staked in more SPS with the promotion going on I will be voting for the proposals also. Just a reminder to other active players to check in on the proposals.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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