Max Regular Riftwaters Set Price in 4/23

For as little as $4k one can purchase a full set of Riftwatchers max level regular foil. Of course not many have that kind of crypto just laying around ready to pounce on such a sale, but is this really all time low for Rift Watchers?

We can see over the past couple months prices of the set has been holding pretty steady above $4k. Yet there has been a slight trend down recently but not by much as all time lows is still pretty much around $3.7k.

What it breaks down to on a rarity basis is shown from chart above. It is only the legendary series that is pulling in over $1k but it makes sense as its the only series that is nearly 50k in CP while the common, rare and epic are only 27k in CP.

There is a staggering 2/3 of packs remaining yet to be purchased and as the only set of packs available directly in game I am wondering what will hold true come this summer when new booster pack series arrives? But back to the Riftwaters it appears in total to date less than 30% of the overall packs have been opened.

Yet prices remain in the high $3k and above for a set. I personally would believe as more packs gets open the prices of the cards will likely fall further in price saturating what is currently an already over saturated market. Lets face it the rewards of Soul Bound cards while depleting in game winning liquidity it is not sufficiently incentivizing players to have larger stakes in the card series.

The Bright Sides

With a continuous decay in DEC token while Land Expansion progressing there are plenty of activities pulling in revenue for Splinterlands. I am hopefully the reason Riftwatchers is not selling as quickly is that multiple revenue streams from Nightmare, Land Expansion, and other activities is taking much of the share.

Just with Runi cards that are associated to mainly Land Expansion it has now a floor value close to $1k each with only 3,521 cards ever to exist.

Even now plot lands continue to hold up in value and worth close to a staggering $160 a plot. If there was something to be said here its that there are a lot of reasons to see why Riftwatchers is not getting all the attention.

We are still a few months out from next series of cards to arrive. This is my hope that before then I can start building on a Riftwatcher series as time draws closer to new release. The demand of Riftwatchers may not seem to be high but prices have held up pretty well and the fact that there are cards in the series that can turn the game literally upside down with some amazing stats. It is just more tempting to try to buy some of the cards than not.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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