Investing in Splinterlands Artworks

I recently realized some of the latest Soul Bound NFTs artwork looked so detail I just had to dedicate a blog post on it. I am aware many of us who play the game daily enjoy the magnificent game play and presentation of the game. Now with Soul Bound cards distributed to many I am seeing my opponents using them more.

With the new cards showing up in the battle field I can not help but be mesmerized by the artwork of the latest cards. Especially those of legendary rarity.

The detail lines and vibrant colors makes the collection one to be remember for many years to come. I have seen how each of the cards' editions changed over the years, but Soul Bound truly are at a different level. Just look at below of some of my favorites:

Skok Duskblight I have used a couple of times in battle and like it due to its magic attack but Resurrect.

In water splinter I now use opportunity more often in combination of Kulu and Deep Lurker.

Terraceous Hulk look as strong in game as it is in image. The card simply has high health and toughness which sometimes makes it worth putting as tanker in the formation.

I don't have Drybone Raider but have seen it in play and have cause a lot of damage. This is likely because the NFT has double strike and shatter abilities.

Round out my top legendary Soul Bound favorites is another card I do not have yet seen it beat me up on multiple occasions is USUT. I have no idea why its named as such but the image of the dragon is anything but weak. With tank heal and bloodlust it would have made this card great but to have other abilities and be a magic monster, it is just wow.

Investing in NFTs?

It has been rough for a lot of NFT collections since the crypto bear market came along. Plenty of NFT projects just either went to zero or have fallen many multiples from its all time highs. Splinterlands is no exception.

However Splinterlands NFTs as a group total is still worth in the north of $83 million with over $50k of NFTs value traded daily. The liquidity and value for its NFTs truly makes the game well with investing. In addition now we have amazing artwork to include as another reason to investing and holding these NFTs long term.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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