Hello friends of @splinterlands, I present my second weekly entry, SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.

Here is the link of one of my battles with the card selected for the challenge:

How's the splinterlans gang doing?! Here very well, after the 5th battle with the card chosen for the challenge I was able to win one so I decided to open a beer to celebrate and make the post telling about my great achievement, and yes, I say great achievement since I am very new and I need a lot of training in fights :(


Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Void Armor

My lineup:

In this battle I had the opportunity to use up to 22 mana and I chose an alignment based on 3 physical cards plus 2 range and my summoner that provided 1 life to my cards.

  • I used my summoner that increased life to all my cards.

  • First place the card selected for this challenge, LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR, since with its high level of armor and health, added to its ability against magical attacks, it could function as a tank and resist several rounds in the first place.

  • Secondly, use CRYSTAL JAGUAR since, in case LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is eliminated, you would have another tank to have a tough defense against enemy attacks.
  • In the third position, place CELESTIAL HARPY for its ability to evade the attack of enemies (physical or ranged) that do not have the ability to fly
  • In fourth position I decided to place HERBALIST only because it was of range since I thought that at high altitudes of the game it needs 1 or 2 range cards attacking to weaken enemies.
  • In fifth place I put XENITH ARCHER simply for the same reason as the previous range card, I needed ranged attacks to be able to fight the enemy.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy in this battle did work, it was well planned considering what my enemy could do, in this way we can see the following:

In round N°1: My summoner increases the life of all my cards by 1 and my enemy increases his defense and armor by 1 thanks to his summoner.

In this round we can see how my main card LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is affected by enemy attacks, reducing its armor together with XENITH ARCHER, in the enemy team we see how it managed to eliminate its HARDY STONEFISH card taking advantage of the game.

In the 2nd round of the game the enemy team manages to eliminate the armor of my LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR but it continues to resist so my strategy continues to work, what affected me was almost losing XENITH ARCHER due to my rival's ranged attacks.
In this Round I managed to eliminate the TIDE BITER card from my enemy, thus achieving a greater advantage for my team

In the 3rd round I got scared. My enemy's PELACOR BANDIT card managed to dodge 2 of my team's attacks at the same time that my main card was being heavily affected by enemy attacks reducing its life considerably

In round 4 comes the most feared for me, the loss of my strongest card.
In this round the enemy can take the life of my LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.
Thanks to my range cards I was able to eliminate his PELACOR BANDIT putting things a little more in my favor.

The 5th round goes by being a fight of which team can stand the most. The enemy has high life value cards while I had focused on range to try to eliminate this strategy with 2 strong cards at the beginning.
In this round I manage to eliminate his MERDAALI GUARDIAN and supporting the enemy with my CRYSTIAL JAGUAR with his iron life.

In the 6th round my advantage is absolute, my enemy's cards are ranked so when they pass first they can't fight my CRYSTAL JAGUAR.
In this round I manage to eliminate the shield of the 2 cards of my opponent

In the 7th round, although I managed to lose my physical defense card such as CRYSTAL JAGUAR, I obtained the definitive advantage of the game since I managed to eliminate ANGELIC MANDARIN from my rival, running out of range cards to attack me from afar and without physical enemies that could complicate my game

Round number 8 and 9 already take place given my victory. The rival team could not attack as their card was one of rank.
In round 8 I make 1 attack with each of my cards and decrease my opponent's life total by 3.
In round number 9 I only needed 1 attack to be crowned champion of the game.

Why or why not?

YEAH! I like LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR since it is a card with enough resistance to last a couple of rounds in the front of the team giving the possibility for cards with range or special abilities to carry out their mission within the game. It is one of the cards that crossed my mind to buy now that I was able to try it, since considering its current value of $4.00 USD on the market, being level 1, it seems quite good to me.

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