Strategic tips for my (and others) tournaments!


In Novice Only Untamed No Legendaries tournaments, in general, in my opinion, Fire and Earth are stronger, with a slight advantage for Earth.

The Unicorn Mustang and Mitica Headhunter are very strong, as is the Sneak Goblin Thief card.


If you have little mana available, Fire almost always has the best choice, with Living Lava, Serpentine Spy, and Spark Pixies, and also the Fire Elemental card (Especially in the Target Practice ruleset).

LivingLava_lv1.pngSerpentine Spy_lv1.png

If it is very little mana it can work using Water with Serpent of Eld and Ice Pixie, as they are very fast and Living Lava can occasionally miss the strikes against the snake because it is very slow.


When there is a lot of mana available, then Life takes advantage of Taunt's strategy using the Shieldbearer, to learn more see this post: Splinterlands Basic Battle Tips - The Taunt Strategy

Life is also strong on three occasions: lots of mana, earthquake, and Little League.

In the Little League ruleset Life is strong because the Crystal Jaguar tank has a lot of hit points and armor, you can further increase his armor using the Truthspeaker, and put back magic attack cards like Light Elemental and Elven Mystic that can apply damage going through the opponent's armor.


And in Earthquake it is because the Life deck has several Flying cards that are good for this rule.

Remembering that these are just some basic and general ideas and that they are far from exhausting the subject, which can be approached much more thoroughly if we analyze each ruleset, the amount of mana, and the splints available for each particular battle.

Remembering also a factor no less important: Luck!

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In the Novice League, many results can be decided by details such as my Serpentine Spy attacks first and kill the opponent.

For those who don't know, when two cards have the same speed and level, the one that will attack first will be decided by lot, as well as the effect of certain abilities.

This means that even strategically organizing the best team possible, will not always work and we may suffer some bitter defeats.

So if you have a bad result it probably could have been just bad luck, so don't get discouraged!

If you are consistent, using good strategies will give you a clear advantage in the long run, and by participating in many tournaments, you will gradually accumulate many prizes.


And lastly, we must mention that all these tips refer only to ONLY UNTAMED NOVICE LEAGUE NO LEGENDARIES tournaments, mine and also those officially created by Splinterlands, called: UNTAMED KOBOLD MINING EXPEDITION.

In tournaments with other card editions available and other leagues, all of these concepts can change and be different.

If you have any other strategic tips, criticisms, or suggestions on this topic, please leave your comment and help our community!

Thank you, good luck, and see you in the next battle!

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Images: @brunup and @splinterlands